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"Sarah analysed my food diary and gave easy to understand, detailed feedback on my intake. Her report, combined with the Nutritic analysis report, identified key areas to focus on in my diet to optimise my health and gut bacteria, with a detailed explanation as to why these nutrients are important and what the best foods were to obtain them. Her feedback and positivity has made me feel confident about my diet moving forward. I also asked specific questions related to fueling pre and post for competitive mountain biking events/training and Sarah provided a food, hydration and training optimisation plan that will be easy to implement. If I have any further nutrition needs, I would certainly contact Metabolic Health Nutrition again."


 "I had been suffering with really bad constipation for most of my adult life and over the last few years it had really started to become uncomfortable and effect my health and mood. I had tried everything I could think of to help from prune juice to over the counter medication. Sarah talked me through various nutrition strategies that might help and after incorporating walnuts into my diet every day (to increase my magnesium), and taking probiotics, I am now problem free for the first time in what seems like forever. I can definitely recommend Sarah's knowledgeable, kind and helpful approach."


"I had been suffering with knee pain for several months which had stopped me running, and was also causing me discomfort throughout the day, as I was experiencing stiffness after prolonged periods of being still.  I spoke to Sarah who advised me to increase my weekly intake of Omega 3 through my diet, and also recommended supplements to help support my knee joints, cartilage and to manage inflammation.  I followed her advice alongside undertaking a daily programme of physiotherapy exercises to help strength the muscles around my knee.  4 months down the road I have noticed a significant improvement and am back to short runs.  Sarah is very approachable, knowledgeable and provides advice in context, allowing you to make an informed decision about what is best for your situation."


"I’ve been seeing Sarah regularly for nutritional consultations since the beginning of 2021. Initially I approached Sarah because I was diagnosed as perimenopausal by my GP, who suggested I gain some dietary supplement advice. I found Sarah to be really approachable and knowledgeable in this area. After a first consultation she took lots of notes, listened to my concerns and asked lots of questions about my diet and lifestyle. She then devised a nutrient and supplement plan for me, recommending what foods to add to my diet and acknowledging that I'm not the best at taking supplements. I felt that I had been given a truly personalised plan, one that I could easily follow and didn’t feel unachievable. Most recently I have been having regular consultations with Sarah regarding appetite retraining for weight loss. Wow what an interesting topic this is, the process involves using psychological techniques to increase mindfulness around food and gaining a greater understanding for the reasons for my hunger. She also gave me lots of healthy alternatives for when I wanted to snack that still felt like a mini treat. I always felt entirely supported by Sarah and this was helped by having regular follow up sessions with her. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for nutritional advice, she is approachable, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and encouraging."


"I have been struggling with flagging energy levels throughout the day and am perimenopausal so contacted Sarah to see if she could help by taking a look at my current diet and nutrition. Sarah undertook a dietary analysis of my food intake to highlight areas that I need to be aware of and made helpful dietary recommendations and swap outs. These were easy to understand and action with the aim of increasing my intake of key menopause nutrients, and reducing my sugar and saturated fat intake. Sarah has a relaxed and friendly approach which makes it easy to ask questions and I am feeling positive about the changes suggested."


"Thanks Sarah - your help was absolutely brilliant and an excellent reminder as to what I could easily change to eat better and improve my health through my menopause journey. I really liked the way your tone was informed and educational yet positively directive. I am instantly going to make those changes and am raring to go!"


* - name altered.

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