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Sarah Delvin (ANutr)
Director of Metabolic Health Nutrition Ltd

In my working life before children I undertook a number of roles in the medical, pharmaceutical and reagent industries at Pfizer, UL-UK and Bio-Rad. Once my family were in school I decided to change careers and I returned to my old university to undertake a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine. Whilst I was studying at the University of Surrey it  was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, the highest accolade for any academic institution, in recognition of its excellence in the field of food and nutrition. 

During my MSc I spent almost 3 years volunteering part-time with a great team of Dietitians in Dorset Health Care NHS Trust, supporting their work in community dietetics and eating disorder clinics. This role convinced me that my future career needed to involve helping people on a one-on-one basis to improve their health and quality of life.

Once I graduated my MSc with a distinction I became an Associate Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition (membership no. 27320), which governs the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists distinguishing nutrition practitioners who meet rigorously applied training, competence and professional practice criteria. Its purpose is to protect the public and assure the credibility of nutrition as a responsible profession and is the only registration that is recognised by Public Health England and the NHS. 

During my MSc my areas of specific interest  were obesity and metabolic diseases - areas where nutrition can play a huge role to change peoples disease risk status. I therefore created Metabolic Health Nutrition Ltd (a registered company 13722971) in 2021 with the aim of expanding the business to employ other part-time Registered Nutritionists/Dietitians in the future. I am currently mentored by Aliya Porter (RNutr) and am working towards my RNutr (Public Health) submission in 2024.

In conjunction with an interest in metabolic health I am also passionate about the health benefits of establishing a healthy gut microbiome, where my original degree in Medical Microbiology gives me a fantastic platform for understanding the complexities of the microbiome, its impact on human health and how to manipulate it with diet and pre/probiotics.

AfN accredited continuing professional development courses taken in 2021 and 2022

  • Dietary approaches for T2D in children and young people (MyNutriWeb)

  • Nutrition and genetics - from fundamentals to application in personalised nutrition (St Mary's)

  • Asian eat well plate (MyNutriWeb)

  • African Caribbean eat well plate (MyNutriWeb)

  • Mindfulness, nutrition and cardiovascular health (PharmaNord)

  • Low carbohydrate diet: latest evidence and practice (MyNutriWeb)

  • Nutrition, diabetes and the microbiome (MyNutriWeb)

  • Future proofing the heart - the role of LDL cholesterol and diet, parts 1 &  2 (MyNutriWeb)

  • Eating well for menopause (Lets talk food)

  • Key nutrients for healthy blood lipids: cholesterol and triglycerides (MyNutriWeb)

  • Diabetes no more - a dream come true (MyNutriWeb)

  • Menopause, heart health and cholesterol (MyNutriWeb)

  • T2D, obesity and dyslipideamia (Heart UK)

  • Affordable, healthy and sustainable diets (MyNutriWeb)

  • Obesity and exercise (EASO)

  • Appetite retraining clinician program (The Appetite Doctor)

  • DASH cookery demo (MyNutriWeb)

  • The low FODMAP diet in IBS - mechanisms and efficasy (MyNutriWeb)

  • Low FODMAP in practise (MyNutriWeb)

  • Hypotension and how nutrition can help (PharmaNord)

  • The microbiome, appetite & cardiometabolic health (​Yakult Science Webinar)

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