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Frequently asked questions

How can I start working with Metabolic Health Nutrition?

Following a discovery phone call or e-mail, the next step is to come in to clinic (or via zoom) for your initial consultation. This is typically 60 minutes in duration, but please allow for 75 minutes. Follow up visits (30 or 45 minutes) are then scheduled on a rolling basis as often as needed, with WhatsApp/e-mail support in-between. After each session you will be issued a summary report, re-iterating the advice given and goals set. As part of your first consultation a 1 day example of a structured personalised menu plan can be produced if required, but weekly personalised plans do incur a charge.

How should I prepare for my initial consultation?

In your discovery phone call / e-mail we will cover what you would like to achieve from the sessions. You will then be sent by e-mail a booking form which you return with your consent, GP details and general health information. To save time and to give us time to prepare we may also request that you fill out and return a food diary or other questionnaire prior to arrival depending on the consult type. It is best to arrive a few minutes early to clinic so we can sort any outstanding paper work and for refreshments to be made prior to the session .

What measurements are undertaken in clinic?

In clinic we can monitor blood pressure and undertake weight and inch measurements. However this is optional and there are many alternative ways to score your health and satisfaction as a marker of nutritional support success. In addition we utilize the Nutritics program to facilitate analysis of your dietary intake.

Do you offer blood and faecal testing?

Blood and faecal tests are not offered as an intrinsic part of our consultations, but we are very happy to organise these for you or to write to your GP on your behalf to request them. Cholesterol tests are free to women over 40 years with the NHS or can be purchased cheaply at Boots/Lloyds chemists etc.

Do you recommend or supply supplements

Nutritional interventions are implemented on a food first basis, but recommendations for supplements can me made if required. Metabolic Health Nutrition has practioner discounts with Pharma Nord, Parapharm (VSL#3), Nutriadvanced, Bio Kult, Lepicol, Invivo, Biocare, Medicheck and Optibac products, which we are happy to pass on to clients in full. These products/services are not recommended above others and at all times it will be made clear that other options are available.

Do you offer family appointments or group sessions?

All clients seen in practice need to be over 16 as individuals, couples or groups. We do offer Nutritics food analysis for any age though. For groups please e-mail for a quotation.

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